Volunteer Requirements

Individuals who wish to volunteer during school hours, and/or who may have direct or indirect supervised contact with students on or off campus must complete the Boulder Valley School District volunteer application and background check every year they volunteer.

Application: ENGLISH or SPANISH

Please note that an active email and a valid social security number* are needed in order to complete the application.  If you do not have an email you can create one HERE.

Once you have received email confirmation that your application has been approved, you are welcome to begin volunteering.  Please allow up to 48 hours, upon submission, for approval notification.  Approved background screenings are valid for 12 months, at which time they will need to be renewed.

Thank you for being a part of BVSD and Meadowlark! Your time and efforts are extremely appreciated.

*Please note – If you do not have a valid social security number please contact Vivian Campbell, HR Manager, at 720-561-5259 or at vivian.campbell@bvsd.org.