Background Check Options

Individuals who wish to volunteer during school hours must complete the Boulder Valley School District volunteer application every year they volunteer.

Volunteers who will have indirectly supervised contact with students on or off campus are considered ‘Level 2′ (per BVSD policy IJOC) and are required to have a background check.

There are two options for background checks:

CBI Background Check

The CBI Background Check option is preferred by most volunteers, since it is good for the entire tenure of your student(s) in BVSD. The cost is $40 and is a one-time application.

Check out the BVSD CBI Background Check page for details about how to complete the background check application and how to get fingerprinted*.

* The PTSA coordinates with BVSD to provide fingerprinting on-site each year prior to the first day of school. Look for details in a blog post and email from the school as the first day of school approaches.

TC LogiQ

The TC logiQ background check is good for one academic year only. The cost is $17 and must be renewed annually. This option does not include fingerprinting. Visit the TC logiQ page for details on how to complete this background check.

Once you have chosen and completed an option for volunteering, email so we can update the Meadowlark database with your chosen option.

To learn more about BVSD’s volunteer application process, you can visit the BVSD Volunteers page, or email

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