pastedImage0Go to Help at School to find volunteer opportunities at Meadowlark!

Volunteers are critical in supporting Meadowlark and its Learning Communities. There are a variety of roles available to Meadowlark volunteers, including leading a committee to provide gifts to teachers and staff during Teacher Appreciation Week, working a booth at the Meadowlark Mingle, working with students in learning communities or in the Curiosity Center…to name a few. You do not need to be a PTSA member to volunteer at Meadowlark!

Whether you can commit to a half hour a month in a classroom or more time coordinating planning a special event; or whether you can support the school during non-working hours by making arts and crafts for classroom use or by collecting
Longmont Dairy caps and turning them in for money … your volunteering helps our
students every day in many ways!

How to volunteer

  1. If you’re interested in volunteering outside of school hours, such as bringing in
    items for events or preparing items for classroom use, look for specific
    opportunities through Help At School. No background check is needed.
  2. If you are going to volunteer during school hours and have contact with students,
    you must have a background check through Boulder Valley School District. To
    learn more about the process, click here.
  3. Once you have chosen and completed an option for volunteering, email
    volunteer@mavsptsa.org so we can update the Meadowlark database with your
    chosen option.

If you have any questions on volunteering, please email the PTSA
Volunteer Coordinator at volunteer@mavsptsa.org.

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