Volunteer opportunities via Help at School

A new one-stop-shop for volunteering and a school directory is coming to Meadowlark!

We’ve partnered with HelpAtSchool, a BVSD parent-founded and -run software that helps connect parents and students to both volunteer opportunities and each other.

Today you should have received an email providing information on how to register for the site. Once you’ve done so, you will be able to opt in to the directory and sign up for volunteer opportunities. A couple of things to note about the directory and volunteering:

  • You only give the information you want to give. You can choose to share your phone number and/or email address. You will never be asked to share your physical address.
  • You still can sign up for volunteer opportunities even if you don’t opt in to the directory. However, we will not be able to directly contact you through the site for specific events (ex: Volunteer needs for a PBL night).

If you missed the email from HelpAtSchool, you can sign up for an account on your own. On the website (helpatschool.org), choose Meadowlark from the drop-down menu.

We love volunteers!

Whether you’re a PTSA member or not*, and whether you are background checked or not** there are volunteer opportunities awaiting you here at Meadowlark! We will be managing all volunteer opportunities via Help at School, so it would be GREAT if you could sign up and stay aware of the volunteer opportunities at our school!

*if you’re not a member, and you would like to be, please sign up and join us (https://meadowlarkptsa.org/membership/)

*Remember, you need a background check to volunteer while students are present. Please visit the background check options page (https://meadowlarkptsa.org/volunteering/background-check-options/) to learn more.

If you have any questions, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Jessica Mackaro, at volunteer@mavsptsa.org.

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