Support our latest initiative – The PTSA Membership Pledge Drive 2021

We are excited to kickoff a new school year and excited to be able to be back at school. We need your support, and the best way to support our great school is to donate and become a member of our PTSA. Our goal is to raise $15,000 for this fundraiser. Donations of any amount are welcome!

The 2021 Pledge Drive runs through October 1st.

Why Donate?

95% of your donation goes directly towards providing programs and services that benefit your child, and every child at Meadowlark.

PTSA funds over the last few years were spent on: Supporting Meadowlarks Learning Communities, Kindergarten Welcome Event, Back to School Bash, Mavs Got Talent, Book Fair, Holiday gifts for teachers and staff, Teacher Appreciation Week, Conference Meals, Meadowlark T-Shirts for the whole school, Food trucks and treats for the teachers, 8th Grade Continuation and 8th grade gifts, Year-End Party and Field Day Entertainment.

When you donate you get to sport some pretty sweet Meadowlark swag. 100% of the proceeds goes directly to supporting our children! Don’t wait – click here to become a member now!

Become a member

Ready to become a member now? Whether you’re a new PTSA member or a returning member, please fill out this form, then pay your membership dues here.  (You will also be provided a link to pay dues at the end of the membership form.)

Want to learn more about PTSAs in general and the purpose and values of Meadowlark’s PTSA? Click here.

Want to learn more about benefits of belonging to the Meadowlark PTSA? Read on!

Why become a PTSA member?

As a PTSA member at Meadowlark School, you can:

  1. Develop relationships and explore volunteer opportunities while advocating for all of our kids.
  2. Get to know Meadowlark School and see how Meadowlark students spend their day. It’s a great way to show your student(s) your engagement in their school and community and your investment in their education.
  3. Build relationships with staff, parents, and students through collaboration. Having an active PTSA helps make our students, Meadowlark School, and our community stronger.
  4. Gain access to Local, State, and National PTA resources, training materials and webinars, relevant educational legislative information, and exclusive member benefits.

Don’t have any time to commit to PTSA activities?

That’s OK! There is no obligation to attend meetings or volunteer as a PTSA member. We want you involved as much or as little as your schedule allows.

Simply becoming a PTSA member is the biggest way you can help at Meadowlark. Your membership dues will support the state and national PTSA address legislative issues in Colorado and across the nation.

Our PTSA does have an active fundraising program, as well. There are many ways you can support Meadowlark in your day-to-day activities (like grocery shopping at King Soopers or shopping via Amazon Smile and linking your Smile account to Meadowlark). For more information, see our Fundraising page. Our fundraisers help fund after school programs, teacher grants for classroom enrichment, technology & creative arts supplies, classroom materials, hospitality, parent  communication, PTSA administrative costs, and so much more!

Membership Details

Dues are as follows:

  • $10 for one adult membership
  • $18 for two adult memberships
  • $8 for teacher membership
  • $7 for student membership

Dues include membership in the National Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and the Colorado PTA.
Dues are tax-deductible. Paid members have voting rights. This means they can vote on the annual budget, by-laws, and elections.

There are three general PTSA meetings per school year.

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