Things to do TODAY!

  1. Get dressed up in a fun, cocktail-style outfit and get ready to have fun at the Gala
  2. Let the babysitter know it’s going to be later than 10pm
  3. Spend your evening with your Meadowlark friends and families, incredible principals, teachers and staff!
  4. Remember to check your email/texts for updates on your bids:
  5. Have fun ALL while supporting your KID(s) and community school!
  6. Enjoy food, drinks, dancing, PLINKO, games, and lots of surprises! Prepare to laugh and smile – because it’s all for the CHILDREN!!

We can’t wait to see what the evening brings!

If you are missing the in-person event, you can still support Meadowlark by participating in the online Silent Auction, or by making a donation!

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