7-8 “Walls” PBL Showcase – Art Gallery Exhibit


We invite you to celebrate with us at Meadowlark on March 21st, from 5pm to 7pm for our latest PBL showcase.  Our students will be putting on an Art Gallery to exhibit their projects for the “Walls” PBL unit, wherein student art pieces will answer the driving questions for each subject area as well as the overarching driving question – Are walls essential and do they enhance or diminish the human experience? Student art pieces will convey messages from their learning in the different content areas.

We would like to have a light “mingle” session before the opening of the Art Gallery.  Similar to the film festival, we are asking parents to help us host this event. Please help us accomplish this initiative by supporting with the needed items as listed in this link. The students have worked hard and we are looking forward to celebrating their accomplishments together!

4:45-5:00 Mingle Session with
5:00 Opening of Gallery in the Heart
5:00-6:45 Art Gallery Viewing in the 7-8 LC
6:45-7:00 Closing in the 7-8 large commons

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