Food Waste Audit

Each day in our cafeteria, a lot of food is thrown out in the garbage after lunch. This waste impacts our environment in many different ways, and wastes valuable resources.

How much food is wasted each day?  We’ll find out over 6 different lunch periods this spring!

After eating lunch, the School Food Project staff and student helpers from the 7-8 Environmental Committee will be sorting and weighing student lunch trash.  

Through a grant from the World Wildlife Fund, students will learn about the ways in which food impacts the environment by recording data from the student food waste audits. Teachers and students will then receive that data, and can use it to support science, math and literacy within their classrooms and hopefully contribute to new initiatives to reduce food waste at our school.

These are the dates of our upcoming food waste audits:

  • Thursday, March 14
  • Monday, March 18
  • Tuesday, March 19
  • Thursday, May 9
  • Friday, May 10
  • Tuesday, May 14

Please note that a CBS 4 News crew will be here on Thursday, March 14th to film our first food waste audit and they will air a news segment on this project at 5 pm that same night!​​​​​​​

For more information, contact:

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