Buy a non-GMO seed collection and support Meadowlark!

Spring is just around the corner and it isn’t hard to notice all the garden boxes perched in yards throughout our neighborhoods. Let’s fill those garden boxes with beautiful flowers and home grown veggies and raise some money for Meadowlark! Thank you to parent, Sharon Schatz, for bringing this program to our attention! Botanical Interests is located nearby in neighboring Broomfield and they offer a wide selection of seed packages for any garden project. Here are some features of their offerings.

  • Untreated and non-GMO seeds.
  • 10 beautifully packaged theme collections to choose from at a range of prices for all comfort levels.
  • Seed packets filled with a wealth of information on the outside and inside for gardening success.
  • All collections are boxed like a gift, perfect for Mother’s Day or upcoming birthdays!
Simply look at the attached brochure CLICK HERE and CLICK HERE to learn more about the seed collections. Once you have decided print out the attached form and mark down your order with your oldest child’s contact and huddle teacher. Feel free to add family or friend’s orders as well. Turn in the form with check made payable to MEADOWLARK PTSA by Friday, March 1st to the Front Office. Orders will arrive within the first two weeks of March and be sent home with your oldest child. Meadowlark PTSA will get to keep 40% of all orders and each order will help us earn gardening supplies to be donated to Meadowlark for future use. Any questions? Please contact Jessica Diamond at
Thanks for your participation and happy growing!!
Meadowlark PTSA

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