Meeting Minutes

November 17, 2018 Board Meeting Minutes

  • Financials
  • PTSA growing membership versus volunteers – what should the focus be? (Volunteers)
    • Need to develop a plan – Jessica M. will draft. Plan should measure:
      • Percentage of volunteer opportunities filled
      • Number of volunteers
      • How difficult was it to fill the slots?
    • Question — what to do with the volunteer of the month?
      • Decision: each meeting we will
        • Choose one person randomly for gift card
        • Identify outstanding/leading volunteers and Robyn will send a thank you card.
    • PTSA to find different ways to reach potential volunteers for the PTSA and not only through HaS or electronic communication
    • PTSA to have a slot at one of the next Parent Academies to promote HaS to parents
  • Benefits of membership
    • Being able to vote on how the money is being used
    • Revenue for the school.
    • Ideas to increase members:
      • List all members in PTSA MAV minute and express thanks.
      • Reminder for all members to renew
      • Email all prior members that did not renew, reminding them to renew.
  • Hospitality Topics and Upcoming Events
    • Fall Talent Show
      • Moved into January
      • Talent show is a GO and Jessica to link up with the school staff for organization
      • Jessica to look to find someone to chair this event with her for future events
    • Reflections and Destination Imagination
      • Yes, we are planning to do Reflections
      • Cricket to reach out people to get this running
      • Liz Austin will be running Reflections for this year
    • Teacher and Staff Appreciation
      • Robyn and Jessica M to coordinate with LC Room Parents
      • Coordinate gifts and money collection through PTSA
  • Board Organizational Topics
    • Robyn motioned to bring Volunteer Coordinator back to board; Chris 2nd; all in favor
    • Setup Slack Channel for decisions and then bring them back into the meeting protocol @ each month
  • School Report (Assistant Principal)
    • Share the desire to have more after school offerings, balanced with protecting the staff’s time
    • Committed after school clubs/activities (Estimated cost: $500-$1000):
      • Geography Bee (Geo Bee) – GT Advisor
      • Yearbook club – Shannon Kaple
      • Art Club
      • Running Club
      • Pending:
        • Spelling Bee
    • Ran the tutor position ($4500) for 3 & 4 LC, not filled. Running the position again.
    • General discussion. Head count
      • Students that are in the school
      • School district funded numbers – preschools do not count, kindergarten students count ½.
      • # Families 450-500.

October 15, 2018 Board Meeting Minutes

  • Financials
  • PTSA Organizational Updates
    • President position status (still vacant)
    • Changes to bylaws
    • Increase membership
  • Fundraising Topics
    • Miner’s Tavern has happened
    • Current fundraisers planned
    • Help handing out King Soopers cards
    • Parking sign for PTSA parking / what to do with final signs
    • Google form for King Soopers card requests
    • Nutcracker tickets as a trial this year
    • Talent Show
    • Sponsoring a sister school?
    • Market Day local
    • Mingle planning to start in January
  • Volunteer Topics
    • Volunteer of the Month award program starting
  • Upcoming Events (Oct/Nov)
    • Book Fair needs additional people
    • Chris to be @ Parent Academy to hand out the KS cards
    • BVSD contracted with external vendor to clear district volunteers; Jessica M to update information
    • HelpAtSchool still needs additional updates to make it work with the Meadowlark Setup
    • Family Academy needs support
    • Reflections and Destination Imagination – we are planning to do Reflections (Cricket to reach out people to get this running)
  • Update and Inputs from Principal and Teacher Representative
    • Academic tutor position is posted and will be support 3rd/4th grade community support; 3 hrs per day for all student contact days; paid from PTSA money
    • Student scholarships have been used
    • Exploring Maker Space and hold off until there is some money needed
    • Probably not enough teacher support for running all the club ideas
    • More direction and ideas on how to further improve/update the maker space

July 10th, 2018 Board Meeting Minutes

  • Financials
  • Board Member changes
  • Help at School
  • 2018-2019 PTSA planning
  • PTSA Communication
  • Back to School BBQ
  • Crossing guards / pedestrian safety


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